Carmen Nancy Torres
Carmen Nancy Torres
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Carmen Torres April 17,1940- September 5, 2021, Kingston, NY. A loving, devoted wife, mother, sister, aunt, daughter, grandmother, and friend 81 years young, Carmen Nancy Torres, lived in Kingston and went to her heavenly home on September 5, 2021. Carmen was born April 17, 1940, in Bronx, New York. She married Luis Torres of the Orocovis, Puerto Rico.

She worked for the Light House restaurant that her parents owned in the Bronx. She moved to Plattekill in 1969, where she and her husband owned Mid-Valley Cleaners. While owning her business, she worked at Stewart airport for Delta airline, Delta cargo, Hertz rent-a-car, and thruway hot shops.

A former resident of 34 years in the Town of Plattekill, she moved to Kingston in 2004. Carmen's hobbies were cooking for everyone who walked through the door, teaching her grandson Gabriel Spanish, crossword puzzles, playing find the objects, game nights on Wednesday, walking the dogs, reading, and enjoying her family.
She loved dancing, family functions, and supporting her children, grandchildren in their activities such as swimming, basketball, baseball/softball, plays/concerts, etc. She helped run the Plattekill Recreation Program in the late 70′s. Did volunteer work for the Migrant Health Program, she was an AIDS Walk Fundraising Volunteer in Central Park. Active in the local politics of Plattekill, Started the Huckleberry Block Association (HBA). She had a special love for family and friends all around and was never shy to give a helping hand.

Carmen is survived by her children: son, Ralph Calderon, and wife, Teresa; daughters: Nancy A. Torres, and Samantha L. Kelly; grandchildren: Asia Santiago, Adena Santiago, Arcadia Labounty-Lewis, Emil Calderon, Victoria Calderon, Gabriel Calderon, Joshua Kelly, Sabrina Kelly, Cassandra Kelly, Monica Reyes, Elizabeth Smith, Alexandra Smith; great-grandchildren: Tianie Santiago, Celia Lewis, Carmae Johnson, Brandon Calderon, Vivian Calderon, Jayson Brodhead-Reyes, Lennox Reimuth, Juaquin Perry, Micah Santiago, Sydney Santiago, and Sophia Santiago; great great-grandkids: Isaiah Muldrow, Marcellus Soto, Ezra DuBois, siblings: Lousito Diaz, David Diaz, Dora Orris, Hilda Sambolin, Anthony Diaz; many nephews, nieces, cousins, aunts, uncles, in-laws; Friends. She was predeceased by her parents, Luis Diaz and Manuela Diaz; siblings; Margie Hernandez, Henry Diaz, MaryLou Rodriguez; son, Luis Torres Jr.; daughter, Rosemarie Torres; grandson, Ralph Santiago.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Keep Punching for brain cancer foundation in Memory of Carmen Torres.

Messages from Family:
From son, Ralph: "I will miss getting you an egg cream soda from the coffee shop; dad will get it for you while you're in heaven."

From daughter, Nancy: "Mom, there aren't enough words to express how much you mean to me or to let you know just how much I love you; you were the best. You have helped me make it through things I never thought I would; I love you, mom. I'm so glad I was here for you, and I will cherish your last breath and the words you said to me. I'm so lucky to have such a great mother. You guided me, you supported me, you held me up when I'm down, but most of all, you loved me just the way I am. I always say I wouldn't be who I am today if it wasn't for a mother like you. You blessed me every day; thank you for giving me life. You have shown us so much love and kindness each day with your warm smile, good food, and all your jokes. There is no greater love than a mother's love. Thank you for being the best mom a daughter could ask for."

From granddaughter Monica: "Grandma, I will miss you every day I'm alive, but I will cherish the days that I had with you, such as: Going to get you a jelly donut from Dunkin', a cheese danish from Deising's, chili from Wendy's or picking up your Chinese food from where you wanted it. I'll miss our car dates and talking to you every day after getting home from work or school. I'm so happy Jayson had the opportunity to meet such a wonderful person and be loved by you. You're now with the people who you missed the most; say hi to them for me. Caio bacalao!"

From granddaughter Victoria: "You're my favorite cook and the best listener; you always knew how to bring a smile to my face, and you supported me throughout everything. Thank you for always thinking of me and making sure I had a birthday card sent every year. Thank you for always bringing me lunch every day of my senior year and making sure I ate. Most importantly, thank you for creating this family and always bringing us together. I love you always."

From grandson, Gabriel: "I appreciate you so much, grandma, and everything you have done for me. But it is the little things that I will hold onto forever. I'm thankful for the 2am calls every night, just for you to hear me mimic Spanish soap operas. You'd never accept that I just wasn't hungry whenever I walked through the door. Grandma, I love you, and you were indeed a person that helped shape who I am today, and for that, I will forever be grateful."

From granddaughter, Arcadia: "Hey grandma, you always gave the best advice; I hope I'll remember it all. I will strive to be as fun as Carmacella, as honest as you always were, and humble as you taught me to be. You will be missed, for the world has lost a rare person. Ciao Bacalao!!!"

From grandson Emil: "Grandma to me, you will always be loved, always missed, and irreplaceable."

From granddaughter in law, Adena: "Carmen Torres, our lives are fuller for having known you. You were a truly amazing woman with a life filled with love and loss. Even with all the adversity, you had thrown at you, you held your head high and persevered. Thank you for all the love, the talks, and the wonderful meals. Rest easy. We will miss you, but when we think of you, we will find joy and comfort knowing you are reunited with all those who paved the way for you. We love you. Adena, Micah, Sydney, and Sophia Santiago."


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A Annette Byrnes on Sep 18, 2021

I will always remember Mrs. Torres as a spicy woman! She was always a very welcoming woman when Rosie invited us gals for a sleep over. I know there was much sadness with the loss of loved ones for Mrs Torres. One of the hardest things for those left behind is the loss of a family matriarch. I hope she is dancing with her beloved husband while listening to her daughter sing as an angel. I feel it goes against our nature to lose a child, she lost 2 children and a grandchild as well. God willing we will all be reunited together again in life after death, ( I believe.). The hard part is for those still here Earth, until we all meet again rest well . May the family be covered in prayer.
Annette Byrnes

T Teresa I Calderon on Sep 12, 2021

Here goes, my brief summary of my relationship and how I know she loved me. I have known you for more than 30 years, thru the grace of being known as your son's girlfriend, your son's fiancee, my mother in law, and the grandmother of my children. When I met you, your main language was Spanish. You were known to me as an independent feisty hispanic woman with a soft spot for kindness and generous to family and friends. Very outspoken and gave it like it was. I remember the moments of the family and friend gatherings in the beginning when you were communicating mainly in Spanish taking the time out to translate to English to me the main parts I needed to know, as your mother never got a grasp of the spoken language of English. I feel I was an introvert and continue to be but you held a soft spot in my heart now and always , your customs to give hugs and kisses right off the back when just meeting you kind of overwhelmed me but it just became natural as time went on. You were known to me as the family and friend gatherer. never refused anyone any food even at times did not have much. You and your husband opened your arms out to me in such loving way. Our gatherings mainly on your mother birthday December 24 of each year will never be forgotten. We had several heart to heart conversations. Your wisdom will be missed. I know life thru wrenches in your heart as time went on, as you had loss of 2 of your children, your siblings, your nephew, your spouse and your many friends. It kept chipping away at you, and I know the main thing that brought you down was the loss of your husband (my father in law) . Our large family gatherings became smaller crowds and less frequent with the passing of your mother then your husband. I think of how you brought your ethnicity into my life, introducing me to rice and beans , empanadas, fried plantains/maduros, tostones and others - i never got the acquired taste for the pastales but you tried. I can see you and your spouse coming back from your regular AIDS fundraiser walks in the city in your older years even though I knew you gave what you could. Did you know she gave my wedding reception at her home. I never felt like I did not belong. I am glad even with this Covid Situation that I got to spend some time with you before your demise, and i am sure others appreciated being able to spend the last moments with you to feel your warmth and say good bye, as we knew the end was coming. I wish you did not have to have been in so much pain in the end, but it gave us a moment to love you even more.I am sorry you never got to meet your one of your final great grandchildren Lennox Reimuth- but virtual contact was the best that could be done in these times of Covid. I will love you always !! Please be at peace, and say I love you to my father in law (your spouse) while you have joined him in heaven.

M Maxine Diaz on Sep 10, 2021

M Maxine Diaz on Sep 10, 2021

Chao bacalao!!!

M Maxine Diaz on Sep 10, 2021

M Maxine Diaz on Sep 10, 2021

M Maxine Diaz on Sep 10, 2021

Guess whose here?

M Maxine Diaz on Sep 10, 2021

Guess whose here?

M Maxine Diaz on Sep 10, 2021

Guess whose here?

K Karen Diaz & Family on Sep 8, 2021

This tree is planted in honor of the positive and beautiful footprint you left on earth!Memorial Tree was purchased for the family of Carmen Nancy Torres by Karen Diaz & Family.

K Karen Diaz on Sep 8, 2021

Diane, Maxine, & Karen visited with Titi Carmen on July 25th, 2021.

K Karen Diaz on Sep 8, 2021

My favorite memories of you, Titi Carmen, are visiting you in Plattekill, New York, being in your company, being in the company of family, and feeling the love and warmth of family while there. Those are priceless memories that I will cherish forever! Be united with our Heavenly Father now, and with family and friends that are waiting for you to laugh and dance with once again.

W Wilberto Real on Sep 8, 2021

Rest in peace Titi Carmen .. we Love youMemorial Tree was purchased for the family of Carmen Nancy Torres by Wilberto Real.

M Monica Guglielmo on Sep 8, 2021

With a contagious laugh and a heart filled with love Aunt Carmen will be missed by everyone that was lucky enough to meet her. May she Rest In Peace with Uncle Louis and all those she loved and held dear.. Monica and John Guglielmo



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