Death Benefits and Burial Programs Available to Veterans

Veteran Death Benefits

The citizens of the United States owe a debt to the military veterans who make tremendous sacrifices to defend the nation. Our Kingston funeral homes honor these sacrifices by ensuring that veterans receive the death benefits to which they are entitled. Moreover, we educate surviving family members about burial program benefits that their loved one may be entitled to receive. Whether a veteran is interested in burial or cremation in Kingston, we can provide the necessary guidance and assistance.

Most U.S. military veterans who were not dishonorably discharged and who have not been convicted of a capital offense are eligible to receive death benefits and burial assistance. The level of benefits and assistance available depend upon the circumstances of the veteran’s death and where they choose to be buried.

Veteran Death Benefits

Veterans are entitled to burial in national or VA cemeteries located across the country. Burial benefits at these cemeteries include the gravesite, the opening and closing of the grave and a government headstone. Veterans who choose a national cemetery are ensured of perpetual care of the grave. All of these benefits are provided at no cost to the family. It is possible for the veteran to choose to be cremated and to have these remains interred at a national cemetery as well. Often, the veteran’s spouse and dependents are entitled to many of these same benefits when they choose burial at a national cemetery.

It’s also possible for veterans to choose to be buried in a private cemetery. In such cases, the military provides a government headstone, a Presidential Memorial Certificate and a burial flag without expense to the family. The VA may also provide certain burial allowances for transportation of the remains and other costs. However, the family may be required to pay for the setting of the headstone, the opening and closing of the vault, a vault liner and other expenses.

Regardless of whether they choose burial in a national or private ceremony, military veterans are entitled to military honors and the presence of a funeral honor guard. This service is mandated by federal law and is provided at no cost to the family. No fewer than two active service personnel will attend the funeral ceremony, with at least one member of the detail representing the veteran’s branch of the armed forces. The detail performs a ceremony that involves the folding of the burial flag and the presentation of the flag to the deceased’s next of kin. Taps is played by a bugler or via an electronic recording. Our funeral homes in Kingston NY can ensure that military honors are observed at the burial of any eligible U.S. veteran.

The professionals at our Kingston funeral homes believe we owe considerable gratitude to the members of the U.S. armed forces. To this end, we strive to offer dignified services that honor the memory of veterans. Whether veterans choose our cremation services or burial services here in Kingston, they can be assured of receiving the full military honors to which they are entitled.

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