Personalizing a Funeral with Unique Song Selections

Proper Song Selection

A funeral service is more than just a proper send off for the deceased, it also is a celebration of life and having unique songs played during the services is the ice on the cake. Keyser Funeral and Cremation Service understand the magnitude of the impact music has in a funeral service.

People easily connect with music, and the song selection can add a very special touch and feel to the service. Funeral services are more than just a nice way or paying last respects to the deceased, they are also a celebration of life. And, music is always the perfect element to add to any celebrations. The only thing about funeral services is that the celebrations are not that upbeat. Therefore, the type of music played during a funeral service, in a way, represents the deceased while also conveying the feelings of those in attendance have for or about the deceased.

How to Select Appropriate Music for a Funeral Service

The simplest way to select appropriate music for any funeral services it to think of the deceased and those in attendance. Funeral services tend to have a mellow mood thus this often sets precedence for the nature of every other thing scheduled to be part of the services. While that may be the case, paying the last respects to the deceased calls for doing things in a manner that represents the deceased. But that does not imply that all the songs played at the service will be what the deceased loved listening. Try to find a balance.

You can find out what the deceased loved listening by checking their music selection in the car, home, or workplace. It could be a collection of CDs and albums or music in their phone or iPod. However, the immediate relatives of the deceased can be a lot of help. As you select music that represents the deceased, you also need to select a few songs that will suit the funeral service. Go for songs that create a mixed feeling of happiness and sorrow because there will be the joy associated with the celebration of life and the sorrow of a life snatched away.

How to Use the Songs during the Funeral Service

We will organise the songs and have a suitable playlist for the Funeral service. Start playing the music as people enter to break the overwhelming silence and low whispers shared as people get seated for the funeral service. During eulogies, you can play songs in between each eulogy to break those awkward pauses and moments of silence before the next speaker stands.

We may choose to shuffle between music that represents the deceased and that which celebrates the life of the deceased, this based on the type of mood created by a given eulogy during the funeral service. We also will try and play a few of the deceased’s favourite songs before the funeral service starts and when it ends.

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Let us help you give your loved one send-off that represents the deceased and is a celebration of life. If you have any more questions about songs for a funeral service, you can contact our staff here at Keyser Funeral and Cremation Service home. We would be happy to help you find the answers you may be seeking.

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