How to Talk to Loved Ones About your Final Wishes

Your Final Wishes

Most people are made uncomfortable by the thought of dealing with their own funeral arrangements. Perhaps just as distressing is the idea of discussing their final wishes with their loved ones. No matter how much people might prefer to avoid these conversations, most find that they derive comfort from the fact that they have occurred. It is a relief to know that family members understand their wishes and that these wishes will be observed after their passing.

Your Final Wishes

When you disclose your final wishes to your family is largely your choice. Some people tell their family members that they would like to start making funeral and other arrangements, thereby involving their loved ones in the planning process. This can actually be a very meaningful experience, and it can be quite useful to have devoted friends and family be involved in the process. Alternatively, some people prefer to do all of the planning themselves, and then later reveal those plans to their loved ones. It’s likely that one of those alternatives appealed to you immediately. Just remember that it is entirely your choice.

The setting where you choose to tell your family about your final wishes is probably as important as how you do it. It’s not the kind of announcement that you want to make over the Christmas goose. Instead, it makes sense to schedule a quiet meeting with those who are closest to you at a time that isn’t part of a family celebration. Feel free to make known what you want to discuss so that your loved ones aren’t blindsided. They may be uncomfortable with the idea, but if you stress how important it is to you, then they are more likely to participate.

Choose a quiet, private place, where your family can discuss this sensitive topic with honesty. Even if you feel that you have a clear idea about what your wishes are, try to keep an open mind. Others may have some very good thoughts that hadn’t occurred to you yet. If you are still in the midst of setting your plans, be sure to write down all of your wishes as clearly as possible. If your plans are already largely in place, be certain to give copies of your written wishes to all pertinent parties. This will provide them with valuable guidance once it becomes necessary.

Even if you do not provide your family with written instructions at this time, it is essential that you detail your wishes in your will. This prevents a great deal of family disagreements and rifts at a time that is already fraught with emotion.

Whether you are interested in Kingston cremation services or burial services in a local cemetery, contact us to begin making plans for your final wishes. This is a loving gift that you can leave behind for your family at an extremely difficult moment.

Want to get more information or talk to a funeral director about your Final Wishes, please feel free to contact us.

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