Should I Attend the Funeral or Not?

Should I Attend the Funeral?

This can be a tough question for anyone contemplating attending a funeral service. A funeral is times when many emotions are running through a room, and everyone is experiencing their own stages of grief. However, sometimes the question arises whether you feel like your attendance would be accepted or disapproved. Throughout this article we will take a look at both sides of the argument to hopefully assist you in your decision in where or not you should attend the funeral.

One of the primary questions to ask yourself is, whether your presence is going to bring comfort or discomfort to those in attendance. This is a major concern for most people especially if you are an ex-spouse or a friend that had a major falling out with the deceased.

Should I Attend the Funeral?

This is not a time to be selfish, you need to think of the immediate family, and remember that this is there moment to say goodbye. Do you think that by being at the service, it would take away from their chance to say goodbye, or would you be able to be in that scenario and offer your condolences without causing the family any added stress. That may sound harsh, but you need to think of the family first because this is the celebration of life and funeral that they have planned in efforts to say their goodbyes and show their love towards the deceased.

If you do not think it is appropriate for you to attend the service, there are other ways for you to pay your respects; you could even hold your own memorial service, with other friends that did not attend. You could also go to their burial site and take the time to hold your own service.

If you do not think that your attendance would cause discomfort or pain to the family, then attend the service and pay your respects. We know that this is a time for you to also say goodbye to the deceased and it is important to attend the service. Use this time to reflect on the good memories that you have experienced with them, while showing your support for the family of the deceased.

Funerals are not an easy day for anyone in attendance, however, when trying to figure out where or not to attend think of everyone that will be present. Try to think if you are going to be a negative or positive influence on an already tough day.

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