Pre-Planning Benefits & Transferring Your Plan from One Funeral Home to Another

Pre-Planning Benefits

There are many advantages and benefits to pre-planning your funeral service that meet all your needs and desires, that allow your friends and family to celebrate your life the way you wish and desire.

Having the ability to design this plan allows you to make the decisions that may otherwise be difficult for your loved ones that are going through an emotional time.  They may end up guessing what it is you would have wanted, whereas a plan will give them concrete direction to make this day a special one that means a lot to you.

Pre-Planning Benefits – Your Personal Preferences

Funeral & Memorial Services: Location, including either a funeral home, church or graveside. A wake, viewing or visitation for friends and/or family, the hours it will be held, and preference of a private or public service.

  • Burial, Entombment, Cremation: Which one you prefer with detailed specifics.
  • Additional Info: Flowers, Clothing, Jewelry, Casket or Urn, and Music.

Once you have personalized your funeral from the look of it, the course of action, and the vibe, you are ready to meet with the funeral home to set a service plan in place that meets all your needs.

What if I Already Have an Existing Plan but Want to Switch Funeral Homes

Things happen and life can shift us around sometimes. Our needs and wants may change at some point, or even our zip codes, for that matter. Just remember that these are your arrangements and they are completely customized to fit not only your desires but also your circumstances.

During the process of setting up your original pre-plan, it was determined what type of account you would have, either revocable or irrevocable. The selection is based on whether or not you are going through Medicaid or not. Medicaid accounts cannot be revoked through the funeral home, instead, you need to contact them directly to make the change on your records. If you have a revocable account, you can go through the funeral home to make these changes.

However, if you have deposited money, it has to say where the original pre-need arrangement and pre-paid account is, until after the death occurs. At that point, the money can be transferred to your new location.

For more information about transferring pre-need, contact Keyser Funeral Service, here.

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