The Importance of Saying Good-Bye

Importance of Saying Good-Bye

The first few days after a death of a loved one occurs, you experience a sense of numbness and shock. The opportunity to attend a funeral service or a memorial allows you to say your final goodbyes as you pay your respects to the deceased.

This is a time that you take to embrace the life of your loved one and be there surrounded by the people who are also loved ones of the deceased. Everyone comes together and creates a support system as you are all experiencing a level of pain. Sharing this moment together, everyone begins their own grieving process as they start their journey to healing.

Attending the funeral or memorial service can be an emotional time for many and it is not an easy process to go through especially due to the circumstances. Some may think to themselves that being there might make them more upset and remind them of the loss they have just encountered. Although, this is the first step to healing.

Saying Good-Bye

As you move forward in your life, you will eventually come to terms with the death of your loved one. You may not necessarily be accepting of this loss but you will be able to confront it. When you look back, you will be happy that you were there to say goodbye and let go of your loved one, rather than looking back and regretting the fact that you couldn’t handle it, missing that opportunity.

Attending the funeral is also a way in which you can pay a tribute to your loved one, resting them in peace. Everyone is expressing their emotions and feelings of the impact the deceased had on people’s lives. Stories are being shared and memories are being told.

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