Finding a good estate planning lawyer or financial advisor

Estate Planning

As we age, it is sensible to make plans for the future. While it can be uncomfortable to contemplate the end of our lives, it can also be tremendously rewarding. That’s because having a good plan in place can provide peace of mind during life’s most difficult moments. Working with one of our funeral homes in Kingston to plan for burial or cremation services is one component of this strategy. However, there are also important financial considerations.

It’s easy for the average person to dismiss the need for an estate planning lawyer or a financial advisor. They reason that such services are only for the wealthy. However, it’s often the average person who is most in need of these services. That’s because they have limited assets, making it imperative that they avoid excessive taxation and other expenses. That cannot be done without the help of professionals.

Estate Planning

An estate-planning lawyer is a professional who helps clients plan for their financial future and that of their surviving family members. They may suggest legal strategies for avoiding excessive taxation or to ensure the smooth transfer of assets from the client to their heirs. These legal professionals offer insight and guidance when it comes to setting up documents like wills and trusts. They can ensure that everything is properly drafted and filed and that their client has planned for any contingencies that might arise.

When looking for an estate-planning lawyer, it makes sense to interview at least two or three candidates. It’s necessary to share intimate details with your attorney, and you want to be certain you’re working with someone you feel comfortable divulging such information to. Referrals for reputable attorneys can be received from the New York State Bar Association or from a trusted friend or family member.

Financial advisors fulfill some of the same roles that an estate-planning attorney does in that they help you to plan how to deal with your assets now and at a future time when you may no longer be around to manage them. Essentially, they provide advice about how to save and invest money, often in an effort to meet certain financial goals. For instance, you goal may be to leave an inheritance for your next of kin. Your financial advisor can help you achieve this with a minimum of fuss. When seeking a financial advisor, look for a professional who is a certified financial planner, or CFP. These professionals have undergone specific training to develop their expertise.

Often, a person’s estate planning attorney and financial advisor will work together to help the client achieve their goals. With their assistance, many people are able to achieve tremendous peace of mind, which serves them and their family well during some of life’s most troubling moments.

Part of the services provided by estate planning attorneys and financial advisors is helping clients to pay for burial costs. Working with our funeral homes in Kingston NY in conjunction with these professionals is an excellent place to start.

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