Why is a celebration of life so special for a loved one?

Celebration of Life Services

How are you expected to throw the perfect party to celebrate the life and lose of a loved one, when you are already experiencing so much grief and pain? It is so difficult to find the positives and love during one of the most difficult times of your life. While you are grieving from the loose of a loved one, it can often be overwhelming to be expected to plan the perfect service. This is one of the major struggles faced by families, they are often grief stricken and thinking of planning a party, is the last of their priorities.

However, when you are thinking of a celebration of life party for you loved one, you need to think of it as exactly that, it is a party to celebrate the great life that they had with you and their other friends and family. This is a chance to showcase your moments that you had together with them. This is the final goodbye, the final party in their honor.

Celebration of Life Services

This is a special moment for friends and family to gather together and share stories and memories of the decease, all while trying to put on a brave smile to help you overcome the grief. The celebration of life can give you a crucial bondage to the deceased as it allows you to reflect on their life while it intertwined with yours.

When you in the planning process, try to think of their favorite hobbies, foods, and maybe even some of their favorite music, and try to include that in the celebration. You could even include your favorite pictures of your loved one. Make it as if this celebration of life was what they would have planned for themselves.

Try not to forget that this is also a time for you and for other friends and family of the deceased to take the time to grieve and support each other.

If you have any further questions on how to plan the right celebration of life for your loved one, contact us at Keyser Funeral Home.

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