5 Ways to Honor a Loved One After They Have Passed

Loved One

After a loved one has passed there are many ways in which you can honor them and share memories and stories with your family and friends. The passing of a loved one is a painful experience and one that you typically will always feel in your heart. Honoring your loved one is a way to keep your memories of them alive and show respect to them after they are gone.

Here are five ways in which you can honor your loved one:

  1. Plant a Tree: Finding a plot of land either on your property or somewhere you have obtained permission to do so, is a way in which you can grow and nurture life through the memory of your loved one. This tree represents the cycle of life and can be a tribute to your loved one. A plaque with their name, birth date and date of death can also be displayed where the tree has been planted.
  2. Special Collection: If your loved one had a passion or love for something specific that reminds you of them you can create a special collection in your home. For example, if they loved traveling you can dedicate one nook, or wall to photos of places they have seen or always dreamed of visiting.
  3. Charity or Donations: You can do charitable work for a foundation that your loved one was passionate about and spoke of often. Perhaps they volunteered often at this foundation or organization. Making donations in their name and volunteering your time is a way to honor your loved one and pay it forward on their behalf.
  4. Scrap Book or Photo Albums: Putting together photos and memorabilia of your loved one into a book that can be looked through or shown to others often is a great way to honor your loved one. You can get together with the family and spend a day it putting together in a way that represents the deceased.
  5. Balloon Message: Either on your own when you feel like there is something you want to tell your loved on, or with your family and friends on a special day, sending balloon messages can feel as if you are connecting with your loved one. Get a couple of balloons, tie them at the knot with ribbon, say a few words out loud or personally and send the balloon up into the sky and watch as it drifts away.

You create your own ways to pay tribute to your loved one. This can be a family tradition you do on a special day or occasion or a time you dedicate to an honorary tribute. If you have any other questions on this topic you can contact our professionals at, Keyser Funeral Service, here.

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