Jesus Roberto Sanfiz
Jesus Roberto Sanfiz
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It is with deep sadness and much love that the family of Jesus Sanfiz announce his passing at the age of 84. Jesus was a beloved husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle and friend to so many. After a brief illness, Jesus succumbed peacefully with his loving wife, Blanche, by his side.

Jesus is survived by his three sons, Robert, Miguel and Anthony; his three daughters-in-law Melissa, Janeth, and Tessa; and his nine grandchildren: Miguel, Julia, Christopher, Liam, Alexander, Thomas, Peter, Scarlett, and Anthony. He is also survived by his sisters Julia and Mercedes, his brothers-in-law, Arturo and Alan, and his brothers Manolo and Carlos and his sister-in-law Teresa. Jesus was preceded in death by his much-loved brother Gonzalo. He also leaves behind many nieces, nephews, and cousins that were all very dear to him.

Born in 1937 in Galicia, Spain, Jesus was the loving son of Saturia and Gonzalo. Jesus was a gifted athlete, artist and businessman, who had a deep love for nature and family. As a young man, he was a decorated pole-vaulter and track and field star. He served in the Spanish military and immigrated to the United States after falling in love and marrying his wife of 53 years Blanche Sanfiz. They established their home in Flushing, Queens where they raised their children. Jesus was known for his backyard garden, bonsai trees, and koi pond that was unique in the neighborhood. After retirement, they moved to Ulster County in upstate New York. Jesus continued his love of art and nature through his hobbies of fly-fishing, painting, hiking, gardening, and crafting bows of various types and historical designs. A passion project of Jesus, he enjoyed sharing his love of archery with his children, grandchildren and visitors.

The family wishes to send a special thank you to those who helped care for Jesus with great patience and compassion, especially Emily. A memorial service to celebrate the life of Jesus will be held at La Nacional - Spanish Benevolent Society on September 19th from 1-3pm.


There are no events scheduled.

A Anthony and Tessa Sanfiz on Sep 25, 2021

We love you Dad. 3 trees were planted in memory of Jesus Roberto Sanfiz

T The Park Sanfiz Family on Sep 17, 2021

We will never forget you uncle Suso. The Park Sanfiz family would not had exist if it wasn't for you. Forever grateful for the years we had with you. 3 trees were planted in memory of Jesus Roberto Sanfiz

T Tribute Store on Sep 13, 2021

3 trees were planted in memory of Jesus Roberto Sanfiz

A Avra and Bill Davidson on Sep 18, 2021

Bill and I met Jesus many years ago through Blanche, my friend of 67 years. Despite the distance between California and New York, we came to know Jesus through our New York visits. He was so welcoming and a wonderful and definitely entertaining host. Since their retirement, these visits usually involved an overnight, and Jesus was just as gracious a host the next morning as the evening before. I remember laughing a lot and admiring his artistic creations a lot – from jewelry creations to a display of his wonderful watercolors to the gardens in Flushing and in West Shokan that he and Blanche created to the beautiful bows and arrows he crafted. He was a man who both noticed and created beauty.

He was fun and funny to be with and definitely a social being. His pride in and love for his family were always evident, as was his integrity and his passion for both Spain and his new country. He made his feelings known. One of my fondest memories of a visit to Jesus and Blanche was just a few years ago when life was smoother for them. Jesus was very involved with making his bows and arrows, and he loved the whole process. I remember he took Bill down into their wooded garden area and demonstrated his ability to not only make these, but to use them. Then he insisted Bill try it out. Jesus was so delighted when Bill proved to be pretty good at it that he gifted us with not one, but two bows and arrows. We had a flight out that day and convinced him it simply could not be carried on. That led to an intensive wrapping session followed by a rush by the four of us to the post office. Jesus wanted the gift to arrive as soon as possible. We knew the rush was crazy, but it was fun and is one of my very Jesus related memories. We will miss Jesus. He was unique.

K Karen Cummings on Sep 17, 2021

Thank you Uncle Jesus for my first piece of “real” jewelry. I treasured that necklace and the memory of you giving it to me. You will be missed on this earth by many.

K Karen Cummings on Sep 17, 2021

RIP Uncle Jesus. Fond memories of you will live in my heart foreverMemorial Tree was purchased for the family of Jesus Roberto Sanfiz by Karen Cummings.

M Matthew Henckler on Sep 13, 2021

I'll never forget what a great friend Jesus was to my father and how he brought him into the Jewelry business and taught him everything. Jesus always made sure I went home with some money in my pocket on the days I didn't make any sales when I worked with him on 47th st. Before Jesus moved from Flushing there were many times I had to drop off or pick up some Jewelry to or from him when I lived close by. Everytime I went inside he was always watching a nature show or the history channel. I always enjoyed stting with him and watching TV for an hour. One episode was on Hannibal and the elephants, it was the first time I heard the story and Jesus talked all about it and how it was one of his favorite stories in history. I have nothing but fond memories of Jesus and will always remember what a character he was.

G Gonzalo J. Sanfiz on Sep 10, 2021

Dear aunt Blanche, my cousins and buddies Robert, Miguel and Tony:
The loss of my beloved Uncle Suso is the biggest blow I have had in my life apart from the loss of my father and my brother and sister. In a way it is as if I had lost a father also because I always felt that kind of concern on his part towards me. There were so many things about my father also in Uncle Suso that whenever I was with him sometimes he reminded me of the moments I spent with my father when I was a child until I lost him.
At least it comforts me to know that at the time of his departure he left in peace and accompanied by his inseparable companion.
I do not feel that it is necessary for me to mention all the virtues and definitions of his personality, but I do want to remember those that always made me respect and admire him deeply, in addition to loving him.
His honesty along with his rejection of hypocrisy ... he always said things to your face without hesitation or detours
His love for the family ... not only for his closest, but for the whole family ... only he knows how he suffered with the death of my father and the accident of Aunt Marichu in NY ...
His solid convictions and values ... the way he lived his life leaving his country behind in search of a new life with his beloved wife, such a brave man as well...
I could say many more things about his personality and his character, but I prefer to end this tribute with four funny memories that will always accompany me when thinking of him:
1. The political speeches after dinner at his house in front of the TV.
2. The discussions on the economy of the United States and the world also after dinner ... "hay una crisis ..." was the main subject.
3. The drive in his car from home in Flushing to the subway to go to Manhattan in the mornings and afternoons ... a unique experience ... lol
4. The day we delivered POOKY in front of Grandma Saturia's house in Madrid to take him back to NY ... "good boy, good boy"
Soooo many good memories...
I want to end this tribute by thanking my uncle Suso for his enormous gratitude and help both for me and for the rest of my family whenever we needed it, and especially I will forever remember the wonderful gesture he had for my graduation from university. It is another of the memories that will always accompany me
Until we meet again, rest in peace together with my longed-for father and brothers.

G Gonzalo J Sanfiz on Sep 9, 2021

At Miguel's wedding.. we just love this picture.. they both look so good and happy!

G Gonzalo J Sanfiz and Beatriz Cucalon on Sep 9, 2021

You will always be remembered for your honesty, amazing sense of humor, and how you always treated my wife and myself with love and fairness.Memorial Tree was purchased for the family of Jesus Roberto Sanfiz by Gonzalo J Sanfiz and Beatriz Cucalon.

T Tessa N Sanfiz on Sep 6, 2021

James and Jessica Ngobi wish to extend heart-felt condolences to the Sanfiz family. Losing Jesus leaves an undeniable gap in the foundation that Jesus and Blanche built to ensure a closely knit family. To us, Jesus and Blanche have been a magnanimous couple, generous, sophisticated, gregarious and open-minded. They have not only been deeply focused on their family; they have also been passionate about the potential adverse impact of global developments - not just on their beloved family nucleus, but on those who may be unable to protect their families strategically, faced with unpredictable events. Blanche, we love you. We pledge our support to any initiatives you plan relative to Jesus´s legacy and to your family. May God receive Jesus in His merciful hands.

J Julia Sanfiz Núñez on Sep 6, 2021

Suso, mi hermano querido, te recordaré mientras viva. Siempre en nuestros corazones. Julia Sanfiz Núñez, Arturo Puig y familia.

J Julia Sanfiz y Arturo Puig on Sep 6, 2021

Este arbol esta dedicado a nuestro hermano y cunado Jesus Sanfiz. Nunca te olvidaremos. Julia y ArturoMemorial Tree was purchased for the family of Jesus Roberto Sanfiz by Julia Sanfiz y Arturo Puig.

M Mercedes Sanfiz on Sep 5, 2021

Querido Suso, siempre estarás en mi memoria y en mi corazón. Marichú.

M Mercedes y Alain on Sep 5, 2021

Dedicamos este arbol a la memoria de Suso. Siempre le recordaremos y le echaremos de menos.Memorial Tree was purchased for the family of Jesus Roberto Sanfiz by Mercedes y Alain.

M Mercedes Sanfiz on Sep 5, 2021

Querido Suso, tu memoria

F Family Girard Castanedo on Sep 5, 2021

This tree represents our tribute to Jesus, through a beautiful tree on his honor, as he loved nature so much. Will be deeply missed and remembered.Memorial Tree was purchased for the family of Jesus Roberto Sanfiz by Family Girard Castanedo.

C Carine on Sep 5, 2021

In memory y my dear uncle Jesus. I will never forget your kindness and care when you received me in NY. You will deeply missed. Condoleances to all our family.

b on Sep 3, 2021

Querida familia Sanfiz Smith, Tía Blanch, my dearest Robert, my dearrst Miguel & Anthony, os acompaño en sentimiento, tengo tantos buenos recuerdos and nice memories of my Uncle Suso que no paro de llorar, pero a la vez me acuerdo de las tantísimas cosas buenas que me enseñó el tío Suso, os quiero Tía Blanch and Collins, siempre lo llevaré en mi corazón ❤. Rest in peace...!!! Os quiero muchísimo familia.

J Javier Cucalón on Sep 3, 2021

Even if I am a distant member of the Sanfiz family, I always had a high regard for ‘Tío Suso’. He belonged to a brave generation of Spaniards who stabilised the basement for the relevant country that Spain became in the last 50 years. Suso took with him to the US the values of our culture: family, friendship, hard work, generosity, a taste for enjoying life, adaptation and value adding to locals… that represents a great contribution of which all who knew him feel very proud of.
Suso, a person for whom I present my deep respect and admiration, rest in peace.
Javier Cucalón

C Carlos Teresa Julia Paula on Sep 3, 2021

Dear Suso, your memory will always be with us



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