Malik Theron Haskins
Malik Theron Haskins
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Old Dutch Reformed Church
272 Wall St.
Kingston, NY, US 12402
3:30 PM

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R Rene on Jul 25, 2021

Theron, I am so sorry for you loss. You were there for him, always there for him. He is at peace now. May you find peace and serenity in you heart and soul. With love, Rene

E Emma Lovett on Jul 22, 2021

You had such a wonderful smile - the kind that was infectious and made others smile in turn. Glad I met you at Bread Alone. Rest easy, Malik.Stairway To The Heavens was purchased for the family of Malik Theron Haskins by Emma Lovett. A tree was also planted in memory of Malik Theron Haskins

B Bread Alone Bakery on Jul 22, 2021

Malik was pleasant and affable, always quick to smile. He brought joy to the workplace. He will be greatly missed by his family at Bread Alone.Awe And Admiration was purchased for the family of Malik Theron Haskins by Bread Alone Bakery.

M Marva Williams on Jul 21, 2021

CandleSending prayers of comfort to the family during your time of sorrow .



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Malik Theron Haskins

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Malik Theron Haskins

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Malik Theron Haskins

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