Leslie Ann Dell
Leslie Ann Dell
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F Fran and Keith Rossi on Apr 18, 2017

Our condolances to you and your family.

C Chris Peters on Apr 18, 2017

I will always remember Leslie. She was a wonderful room mate at Kingston Hospital and her parents are wonderful. My fondest thoughts are with the family. The suffering is over and Leslie is at peace now and forever. She was a angel on earth and she will be an angel in heaven. God bless you and your family Leslie.

D Dorothy Snavely on Apr 18, 2017

We've been friends for many years. Remember the sleepovers and great times we had at your house. You were always a strong christian and I know that you are with the lord now!
I will miss you dearly.

F Fred and Elaine Burnett on Apr 18, 2017

We remember Leslie so well, as a vibrant part of our family-oriented Cub Scout pack "back in the day". May God bless you with His Peace and Comfort. Our love and prayers, Fred and Elaine Burnett

D Diane DeCicco on Apr 18, 2017

We were so blessed by hearing you play the bells and teaching our children in Sunday School. You contributed so much in your short life here and we know your in God's arms now.

Love, Diane DeCicco

F Flo & Bill Hannweber on Apr 18, 2017

Dear Alm, Rog. and Family
You are in our hearts and prayers at this most difficult time. God Bless, Love, Flo and Bill

M Muriel Ausanio on Apr 18, 2017

Dear Leslie You will always be in my thoughts when April 12 comes around to the birthday we shared. It was so wonderful to know you and play bells with you

L Lisa Brink on Apr 18, 2017

To The Dell Family,
I would just like to express my thoughts and prayers to your family at this time. I know this is a very difficult phase in your lives. God Bless
Lisa Brink(Joel Brinks Daughter)

R Ron Smith on Apr 18, 2017

Dear Alma and Roger,
My thoughts and prayers are with you at this time. May it be of some comfort for you to know that others do share in your loss. Leslie was a wonderful young womam. I remember her in my Sunday scholl class. May you know that life has only changed not ended. Leslie has gone to live with the Lord who was with her every step of the way during her illness. She in in the loving arms of God and pain and suffering will be no more. You loved and cared for her and were with her untill God opened his arms to her and said, Come and I will give you rest. Although your beloved Leslie is not here with you she will always remain in your heart. I was so happy to be able to sing at this sad time in your lives, but I hope it brought you and the family some comfort. I love you both. Ronnie and Nancy



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Leslie Ann Dell

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Leslie Ann Dell

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